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Due to the COVID-19 situation, many entrepreneurs have been damaged economically, in advertising and with the need to stop services, products, reduce them or even in the painful situation of closing them due to the loss of their customers. At this time when the world is adapting faster to bring business, services and many of the usual daily processes of our life to the internet, the need to adapt is imperative so as not to be left behind and embrace current changes.

Doing an analysis of the many spanish-speaking businesses present in Hungary, that many operate in physical places, from voice to voice, on Facebook pages or through WhatsApp, without having a good presence or visibility on the internet; we see the danger that the changes that are taking place represent for them. That is why we are taking the initiative to help make the spanish-speaking entrepreneurs present in Hungary more visible on the internet, which is a general help to all of us so as not to lose what we have achieved so far.

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What we offer?

In our work team we are carrying out a program called «Rebelion Emprende». The objective of it is to create a completely free website for Latino and Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Hungary. For this we will be receiving requests from you and we will choose one of them to carry out the project.

The characteristics of the website to be developed are as follows:

– A website with 1 main page with sections and the blog.

– Or a website with 4 pages:

  • Home (Main Page)
  • Services, products to promote, or content (depends on the client)
  • Blog
  • Contact


– The website will have a receptive architecture (that is, it will adapt to any screen of any device: cell phones, laptop, tablet or desktop PC)

– It will be a promotional website, blog, corporate, agency, but not a virtual store (for a virtual store you can contact us, but it does not enter this program of free help websites)

– It will have SEO optimization for browsers and internet search engines.

How will we choose the candidate to carry out the project?

We will carry out the eligibility process for this by measuring that:

– The entrepreneur does not have a website, in order to help those who need it most.

– You must be a Latin or Spanish-speaking entrepreneur with your business here in Hungary.

– You must be willing to comply with our advertising policies: After you finish and start using your website, we ask that you put your website on your social networks referring to us as the author of it.

As we seek to help that entrepreneur whose business may die from the pressing situation of the coronavirus, who must also adapt, change the way they present themselves and enter the online market, we will value the businesses that may need it the most.

What will the process be like?

After choosing the project to carry out, we will publish the project that has been chosen on our networks, referring to the entrepreneur and his business. Then we will have a meeting to define the steps, the requirements for both parties and the deadline (generally 5-10 days). After finished we will deliver the website to you, over which you will have complete control (you are the owner, it is yours !!!). For our part, we will publish the finished project on our website and on our social networks, so the other entrepreneurs will see the fulfillment of our project and the quality of our work.

What do we ask for?

All we require is the name of our website as a reference in the website footer (at the bottom: © Rebelion). Also, if you know of an entrepreneur in the same situation who might need such a service, please let them know.

Legal terms

We assure you that we use resources that do not violate any commercial or copyright laws. In addition, we complement the work with a contract with the details of the work, the data of our business, which we agree and sign before starting.

Extra costs

The hosting service where you will put your website to be seen on the internet and the domain (example: www.misitioweb.com), you must hire it that this does not exceed 100 euros, this does not fall within the program because they are services with other companies, if you do not know how to do it, we will help you.

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