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Impress your clients with attractive, elegant and creative videos.

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You’ve been editing your videos yourself and you’ve done great, but now it’s a lot for you because hours turn into days, and you also want to raise the level of your videos. We are clear about it, you need to hire someone who can do the job, preferably with you sitting enjoying a delicious cuban mojito, while this editor takes care of your content. True?

We edit professional videos for companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, also for events, promotions, YouTube channels, animated and explanatory videos, among others. With built-in graphics, high definition formats, resolutions for all types of screens and devices.

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Generate a video that allows you to show your brand

Promote your brand: Show the world who you are, what you do and how you can improve the lives of your customers. With us you will boost your image, your brand and it will be a journey of mutual reward and learning

Promotion for your products: Make a video that allows you to bring detailed information about your products in an attractive way. Remember, video is the future of communication! The use of video builds loyalty for your brand and increases conversion!

Explanatory video: this type of video allows you to show your business, your brand, your products, services and skills in an entertaining and simple way. Give value, more scope and creativity to your promotion.

Our projects

Here is a sample of our editions. Request an offer to develop your business with us. We customize any project you want or need. Contact us for more information.


Featured video editing services

At REBELION we offer a wide variety of services related to video editing. These are the most prominent:


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