Marketing Online

Social networks are essential for a business that wants to interact with its customers. With strategies to seduce them and improve their positioning in search engines.

Marketing Online

Online marketing uses different means to capture visits that can become customers: online advertising, SEO, email marketing, creating communities on social media sites, social media campaigns, among others.

A business presence on the Internet requires constant dedication of financial resources and time. It would not be realistic to expect that a website by itself will register traffic, contacts or sales without the frequent work of updating its contents, ensuring its positioning, usability and design.

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Broadly speaking, online marketing includes all the existing online tools to promote and communicate with the mission of achieving the objectives of the company, whether it is to increase sales, retain customers, create a stronger and more established brand, etc.

The main online marketing tools that we work with are:

SEM: Through pay-per-click campaigns on platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook, we manage to attract visitors to your website and we will make your product recognized on a large scale.

Web Positioning (SEO): We will skyrocket your search engine ranking with our SEO methods. The goal is to put yourself among the first in visibility and at the same time generate abundant traffic to your website, blog or social channel.

Social media:  We manage the presence of your brand on social networks. Allowing you to exchange with your customers, drive campaigns, promote products, which allow you to attract more attention and help build loyalty.

Keyword Research:  Keyword research is the process of finding the keywords for your business and understanding how you rank or could rank for these keywords on Google.


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